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Interesting for suppliers

PartsDirect.ru is the top player on the spareparts market in the Russian Federation. We are active in all the regions of the country and our core business is supplying specialised and proffessionally orientated businesses with spare parts for laptops and smartphones of the world´s leading producers. Our target audience are mostly service providing companies such as after-guarantee service centers etc.

We are really interested in extending our supplies´ list on all the assortment positions displayed in the catalogue.

We do promise our partners to respect their interests as well as being honest and well-organised. However be ready to be demanded the same.

We work with international suppliers on terms of a 100% advance payment whereas for the suppliers with the most attractive conditions we are ready to consider the scheme of agreeing upon medium-term forecasts up to half a year.

Are you any interested? E-mail us to supply@partsdirect.ru